Accelerating our own demise


Free Market Libertarians (which usually includes me as well as experts like Milton Friedman) with our emphasis on individual liberty suggests that everybody in the world should have the opportunity to rise as high as their talents and energy allow, without the restriction of borders. However, as Roy Beck at NumbersUSA illustrates in his very popular videos, the impact this would have is negligible at best, and at worse, prevents real solutions for third world poverty.

“You cannot simultaneously have a welfare state and free immigration.” –Milton Friedman.

“According to Free-Market Libertarians, it is not right to deny consumers the opportunity for lower-cost goods that might arise from the free flow of lower-cost goods and labor from other countries. Neither is it right to restrict the owners of capital from the additional profits that might be gained from cross-border movements of goods and labor. And, thus, it is not right…

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