Don’t buy this dip. The Fed is not your friend.


$60 trillion of public and private debt at a 3.5X leverage ratio against national income means that historical credit-fueled growth is no longer possible.

America, don’t be fooled again. All of these wars are about protecting the dollar as the world’s reserve currency… that is, protecting banking and the status quo of the world’s elite. Arab Springs, orange revolutions, regime change removal of tyrants, invading Iraq, bombing Libya, giving billions of dollars and arms to tiny Ukraine and The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, saber rattling with Russia, these wars and many more are meant to prevent countries from trading in non-U.S. currency, prevent them from creating a new reserve system, and prevent them from dumping the U.S. dollars currently in their central banks. That is what politicians mean when they say, “protecting U.S. national interest.” They absolutely do not mean protecting your sovereignty, your freedom, your wealth, your job, or your…

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